Are you from Europe? Do you want to be able to gain a secondary income working from home? Learn how to make money online with Matched Betting! On this website, you can find a complete course to Matched Betting for free!

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a mathematical technique to convert all bonuses that bookmakers use to attract new customers into real money. This technique takes out the risks of betting by placing bets on all the possible outcomes of a match. You will be sure to win before the match even starts.

How does it work?

Register on a bookmaker's website, deposit, and follow the instructions to get the bonus

Bet on all the possible outcomes of a match. In that way you will lock in a profit regardless of the result of the match

Cash in
Withdraw the money and start again with another bookmaker's bonus


  1. Register on a website, deposit 10€, and get a 10€ bonus. Most websites require that you place a bet before you can withdraw the bonus.
  2. Bet 10€ (the bonus) that Real Madrid will win against Barcelona.
  3. Bet against Real Madrid on another website. Our website will calculate for you how much you have to bet to have the same profit regardless of the match's result.
  4. Wait for the end of the match and withdraw the money you just gained.

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Risk Free

Matched Betting takes out the risks from betting by placing bets on all the possible outcomes. You will be sure to have a profit before the match even starts!

500€ Per Month

You can earn up to 500€ per month with Matched Betting. You can achieve this by working from home for a few hours per week! Check out Gio's bet Diary to see how much he makes per month.

Learn and Try

Take our Free Course on Matched Betting and follow our step-by-step betting guide. You can earn 50€ today!


Everyone can do it, even if you have never placed a bet before. Read the free guide to Matched Betting and follow the extensive step-by-step guide on this website.

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Which country are you living in?

You can do Matched Betting from every country where online betting is legal. Below you can find the countries where there are available extensive guides to Matched Betting.

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