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Let’s see how to make money using the first offer availabe for Dutch users.

There are many different types of bonuses, and each of them requires a different strategy to be sure to gain from them. They are all explained on this website. Let’s start by looking at how you can profit from a deposit bonus. After this, you can follow our offer guide and gain up to 50€!

The deposit bonus gives you additional bonus money when you deposit. This bonus requires betting a certain amount of times before withdrawing. This condition is called rollover (or wagering or turnover). The technique to convert the bonus in real money is the following:

  1. Deposit and claim the bonus
  2. Bet until you don’t have any more money on the website (the money will be on Matchbook), or until you reach the rollover requirement
  3. Withdraw and pass to the next offer.


Betfirst offers 100% bonus on the first deposit. You need to bet the deposit + bonus amount 2 times at minimum odds of 1.4 to be able to withdraw. So, if you deposit 20€ and you get +20€ bonus, you have to bet in total the deposit + bonus amount x2 (20€ + 20€ = 40€ x 2 = 80€) before you can withdraw. This is the technique we are going to follow to convert this bonus in withdrawable money:

  1. Deposit 20€ and get 20€ bonus.
  2. Bet the deposit + bonus (40€) on a match (we’ll use 2.0 odds for our example). Place both the back bet on the bookmaker and the lay bet on Matchbook.
  3. If you win the lay bet you have all the money on Matchbook and you are able to withdraw. You have completed the offer. Otherwise go to point 4.
  4. If you win the back bet you have all the money (40×2=80€) on Betfirst and you cannot withdraw them. You need to reach the rollover requirement. Since you already bet 40€ and the rollover requirement is 80€, you need to place another 40€ bet. Place both the back bet on the bookmaker and the lay bet on Matchbook.
  5. If you win the back bet you have all the money on Betfirst and now you can withdraw. If you win the lay bet you have some money on Betfirst and some on Matchbook, you can withdraw from both. You have completed the offer.

In this case, you will need to have 20€ to deposit on Betfirst and an additional 80€ to deposit on Matchbook to cover the liability. The money deposited on Matchbook doesn’t have any rollover requirement, and you can withdraw at any time.

Before accepting the bonus, you want to be sure to have enough money on your bank account to cover the lay bets. It doesn’t mean that you have to deposit all the money on Matchbook now, but you should have that amount available in the case you win the back bet on the bookmaker and lose the lay bet on Matchbook, and you need to bet again and lay bet again to reach the rollover requirement. The total amount you need to have to cover the liability will always be indicated on our guides.

* For simplicity, in this example, we assume that you don’t lose any money with these bets. However, you will lose a small percentage of the bonus by betting it (because the back odds and lay odds are not the same). You can still expect to turn more than 90% of the bonus amount into real money.

Now that you know the strategy let’s test it! Go to the Unibet bonus guide.


  1. Hello I am from Slovenia and have a Slovenian passport but am curently staying in Netherlands. Which of the sites are available to me, and what do you recommend for me to if the bookmakers require proof of residence because I am staying with a friend and dont pay any bills or have any other proof?

    • Hello, if you don’t have any proof of residence I won’t recommend using any website because you won’t be able to withdraw your money

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