High Rollover Requirement

You may have noticed that, when a bonus has high rollover requirement, your gain from the offer vary accordingly to the result of the first bet. In fact, if you win the first lay bet on the Exchange, you have all the money there and the offer is finished. However, if you win the back bet on the bookmaker, you would need to bet again until you meet the rollover requirement. With the matched betting technique, even betting on the closest odds, you can expect to lose around 5% for every bet, depending on the return of the match. If the rollover is high, you will lose all that you gained with the bonus to meet the requirements!

We developed a method to avoid this. By placing a lay bet smaller than usual, you will have less gain if the lay bet wins, but a bigger one if the back bet wins. In this way you will compensate the losses you will have with the following bets that you need to place to meet the rollover requirement.

As always a calculator will make the counts for you. Just insert the rollover requirement, and the calculator will show you how much you need to lay bet to have the same gain regardless of the result of your first bet. Here is the example of the new calculator.

Answer “Yes” to the question “First bet?” when you bet for the first time the deposit + bonus amount. If you split the first bet in two or more bets, select “yes” for all of them. To meet the rollover requirement, you can continue using the calculator and it will work as usual (answering “no” to the question “First bet”).

Fill in the rollover field with the total rollover amount (ex. 1000€)

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