Gio’s Diary

Welcome to Gio's Diary.

In this section, our friend Gio keeps track of his gains made through the months using only recurring offers.

"I am a student in the Netherlands, and I started with Matched Betting in November 2017. With few hours a week, I was able to get some extra money for myself. After finishing all the Welcome Offers described on, I kept doing Matched Betting with only recurring offers. I discovered that there is a lot of money to make also with them! I try to make every offer available and I immediately forward every mail with a bonus that the bookmakers send me to the Mail Promotion Service. With the help of them, the Calculator, and the Oddsmatcher, it takes me only a few minutes a day to use all the offers available!

These are the gains I make every month. I challenge you to do better! :)"



  • January: 130.55€
  • February: 414.98€
  • March: 440.06€
  • April: 219.60€
  • May: 373.52€
  • June: 581.99€
  • July: 1219.96€
  • August: 222.97€

2018: 2893.86€

  • April: 211.91€
  • May: 264.70€
  • June: 301.27€
  • July: 453.98€
  • August: 191.83€
  • September: 515.92
  • October: 378.59€
  • November: 262.22€
  • December: 313.44€

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