The rollover requirement for the deposit bonus might impose a high total liability. Let’s explain better this concept and see how to lower it.

As you learned, the rollover requirement doesn’t allow you to withdraw money from the bookmaker’s website until you have bet a certain amount of money. With the Matched Betting technique, every time you bet on the bookmaker, you also place a lay bet on the Exchange. This lay bet needs a certain amount of liability to be placed. If you win on the bookmaker website, you lose the liability amount on the Exchange. Thus, if you keep winning on the bookmaker website, the amount of liability that you pay on the Exchange will also grow. This will stop when you reach the rollover requirement and you can withdraw your money from the website, or when you don’t have any money left on the bookmaker website and you have all of them on the Exchange (Remember you can withdraw from the Exchange whenever you want).

At the beginning of every guide, we state how much is the total liability. It doesn’t mean that you need to have all that amount on the Exchange now, it means that in the case you win all the bets on the Bookmaker, before reaching the rollover requirement you would need to have paid that amount of liability on the Exchange. We know that is not likely winning all the bets placed on the bookmakers, especially if you bet on events with high odds. But winning strikes do happen! Be sure to have the amount indicated in the guides available if needed.

I don’t have much money available on my bank account, but I want to use the offer anyway, what can I do?

You have two options:

  1. You can wait to use the offer until you have more money and do use other bonus which requires less liability first.
  2. You can lower the rollover requirement depositing less! Less deposit will mean less bonus, but a small bonus is better than no bonus!

Here there is a simple calculation tool that will allow you to know how much money you need to have to be sure to be able to use the bonus. ( in this calculator is assumed you place bets at around 2.0 odds, the total liability might be higher or lower depending on the bets you do)

In conclusion: Never use a deposit bonus without having enough money in your bank account. It’s an egood strategy to bet on events with high odds to have a higher probability to lose the bet and being immediately able to withdraw on the Exchange, but remember that this will mean a higher liability to pay if you win the back bet.




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