Risk-free/refund bonus

With a risk-free bonus you get a refund if you lose your bet. In this guide, it’s explained how to gain the most from such bonuses regardless of the result of the bet.

To be sure to have the same gain regardless of the result of the bet, we will lay bet a little less than usual. If the back bet wins, we pay less liability on the Exchange and we gain money. If the lay bet wins, we win the lay bet on the Exchange + the refund amount on the bookmaker website.

Also in this case, as with free bets, to maximize the profit is convenient to bet on outcomes with high odds. The odds should not be too high though, because for high odds it is difficult to find a lay bet close to the back bet. A good compromise is to search for odds between 3 and 6. Simply click on the Free bets return column and you will order them by the most profitable to the least one. The freebet return is the same as the refund one.

The risk-free bonus can be of three types depending on how do they refund your bet if it loses:

  • Free bet: they refund you with a free bet, check the free bet guide to see what is a free bet.
  • Cash: they refund your money back and you can withdraw them.
  • Bonus: the refund has rollover requirement, you will need to bet again to be able to withdraw.

The three types of bonus have different real value. When you use a free bet you don’t get the total stake back, and every time you bet your bonus you lose a little of it.

All the facts above are considered in this calculator for risk-free bets. Use it, and you will be sure to get the most from a risk-free offer. It will also appear in every risk-free offer guide.


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