Unibet – 100% on deposit up to 50€

Type: deposit

Difficulty: easy

Bonus: 50€

Liability: 350€

Read the guide on deposit bonus before completing this offer if you haven’t read it yet.

Unibet gives you 100% bonus on your deposit up to 50€. Claim the bonus on the bonus section of your account and make your first deposit. Play the bonus amount 6 times at 1.4, and you will be able to withdraw. You can gain around 45€ from this offer. You have 30 days to satisfy the rollover requirement. Do not withdraw money before satisfying the rollover requirement, or you will lose your bonus amount. You can read the full bonus terms and conditions here.

To get the most from this offer, you’ll need to have around  €350 available. (50 to deposit + 300 on Matchbook to cover liability)

If you have less in your bank account deposit less! Here’s a table to understand how much you need:

DepositAmount needed to cover liabilityTotalProfit
10€~60€ ~70€ ~9€
25€~150€ ~175€~23€

Click on the amount you want to deposit to access the specific guide for that amount! The one below is the one to get the most profit depositing 50€.

1. Register on Unibet

Register here and select the Sport Bonus welcome offer.

We suggest accepting to receive bet offers, promotions and bonuses via email from Unibet. In this way, you will receive additional bonuses in the future to turn in real money.

2. Activate your bonus and deposit 50€.

Go to the bonus section on your account and activate your bonus. Then follow the instructions and deposit 50€. You will immediately get your bonus after the deposit.

You can see the available methods below:

3. Send your ID

To be able to withdraw your money you need to validate your account by sending a scan of your ID. Do it now to avoid to wait later. Follow this link: https://www.unibet.eu/myaccount/mydetails/verifyaccount

4. Register on Matchbook if you haven’t done it yet.

Register here

5. Check the oddsmatcher

Read the Oddsmatcher guide if you have never done it before.


Back odds: minimum 1.4 is required to qualify for this promotion.  You can choose to search for high odds, but you will need to have more money on Matchbook to cover the liability for the bet. Use odds around 2.0 to have a good probability to finish the offer after the first bet without having a liability too high to cover.

Select a match and outcome to bet on with odds higher than 1.4 and high return.

6. Use the calculator

Fill in this calculator with the odds you find in the oddsmatcher for the match you choose to bet on.

You will need to bet all the money you deposited + the bonus, so put 100 as back bet stake. (or less if you deposited less)

If you do not feel confident placing a 100€ bet, or there are no matches with enough liquidity to place the lay bet, place smaller bets. For example 4 bets of 25€.

Open Unibet and Matchbook.

Search for the match in the search bar, use the name of one team for the research or select the nation and then the league of the match.

Check if the odds are the same as the one listed on the calculator! If not, update them manually on the calculator.

7. Bet on Unibet

Bet on Unibet on the selected team. Check first if there is enough liquidity in Matchbook to cover the lay bet!

8. Bet on Matchbook

Bet on Matchbook the amount indicated by the calculator (lay bet stake)

9. Wait for bet settlement

If the back bet loses, you will have the money from the lay bet on Matchbook, and you will be able to withdraw them. Congratulations! You have completed the offer.

If you win the bet on Unibet, you cannot withdraw the money still. To be able to withdraw, you need to bet 3 times the bonus amount. You already bet 100€, so you need to bet 300€-100€=200€ on a match at minimum odds of 1.4. Go back to point 5 and place your 200€ bet following the same steps (you still need to place both the back and the lay bet!). After bet settlement, you will be able to withdraw on Matchbook or Unibet.

Go to the next guide and get another Bonus!

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