Unmatched bet

On an betting Exchange, as Betfair or Matchbook it may happen that you try to place a bet but it becomes unmatched. Let’s see what does it means.

When you bet at specific odds, but there’s not enough liquidity for them, your bet becomes unmatched. It means that no one has accepted your bet yet. You have two options now:

1. You can wait, hoping that someone accepts your bet

2. You can cancel your bet and bet at higher odds.

Especially if you have already placed the back bet, we recommend going for the second option. You don’t want to take the risk of not getting your bet matched. In that case, you might lose your back bet, and since you don’t have your lay bet matched, you will lose your money!

Remember that you will place a lay bet at different odds than the ones you wanted to. Go back to the calculator and insert the new odds. Your lay bet stake will be slightly different.

Example (Betfair, it works the same for Matchbook):

We tried to lay bet at 2.7 Tottenham, but our bet got unmatched because there was not any liquidity available for lay betting Tottenham at 2.7. Therefore we cancel the bet:

We check which are the smaller odds for lay betting Tottenham. We see that is possible to lay bet Tottenham at 2.76 and that there is 120€ liquidity available. We go to our calculator and we check how much we have to place as lay bet stake with this odds. It won’t be as convenient as lay betting at 2.7, but we want to be sure to have our bet matched, so we place our lay bet at 2.7:

Partially unmatched bet

Your bet could be only partially unmatched. It means that part of your bet was accepted and matched and the other part is still waiting to be accepted. You can choose to wait for the bet to get matched, or you can cancel the partially unmatched bet, lay bet the remaining stake at higher odds, and be sure to have your whole bet matched. In the latter case, you would have to lay bet only the remaining stake that didn’t get matched.


We want to lay bet 20€ on team A  at 2.0 odds, but only 10€ is available as liquidity.

Our bet gets partially unmatched: 10€ has been accepted, and the other 10€ are waiting to be accepted at 2.0 odds.

We want to be sure to have our bet wholly matched. We check, and there is 100€ liquidity available at 2.1 odds. There is more than enough liability for our bet to be accepted, so we lay bet the remaining 10€ at  2.1 odds.

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